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Foyer – Console Tables

Not only are console tables great for a hall or entryway but they also are perfect behind a sofa or along a wall in other living spaces. Tuck ottomans underneath for extra seating or baskets for extra storage. Also shop Amazon direct for console and sofa tables. **Page contains affiliate links. More info.

Suggestions for Using Console Tables

1.) In an Entryway - Console tables are perfect for entries or foyers with a lamp, family photo or beautiful candlesticks for a great first impression. A sunburst style or other mirror above draws your focus to the console area. A striking piece of art above is another great choice. If you need a spot to drop your keys or wallet, a pretty bowl on top of the console helps organize and hide the clutter. The space below the console table is a good spot to tuck away ottomans for extra seating, storage cubes or interesting baskets.

2.) Behind a Sofa - Console tables can also serve as sofa tables, placed behind a couch or sectional, whether that is flush against a wall or in the middle of a room. The table can hold artwork, lighting, interesting figurines or anything you want kept within reach. If your console is exposed, it could also serve as a bar with stools or as a writing surface alongside the sofa.

3.) As a Desk/Home Office - Since console tables are usually fairly narrow in depth, they make a good addition to a bedroom, guest room or even a small home office when used as a work or writing surface. Make sure the design of your console will allow for leg room to work and maybe even some storage underneath.

4.) In a Bedroom as a Makeup Vanity - Create your own unique vanity area by adding a mirror with a console table along with a stool or chair and a cute lamp. Keep makeup organized in pretty boxes (collage your own for fun) or baskets.

5.) As a TV Stand - Console tables make great stands for televisions since they are narrow and won't hog your floor space. The piece needs to be sturdy enough for the weight and one with shelves is a good consideration to hold the cable box, DVD player and other accessories.

6.) As a Bar - If your console table has shelves, it could serve as the perfect home bar also. A couple of small drawers would be an added bonus for storing the small items like cocktail napkins and stir sticks. Keep glassware on a pretty tray and organize your bar tools and liquors for the perfect entertaining spot.

7.) Fill a Niche - Homes sometimes have a very awkward space or niche that you are just not sure what to do with. Fill the space with a console table and add a gallery wall of art above. Objects of art on the console table, along with some dramatic lighting, will create a beautiful focal point.

8.) As a Dining Room Buffet - A sideboard in the dining room is always great for food and dinnerware when serving buffet-style or simply extra space for moving larger dishes from the table as you dine.

9.) Kitchen Work Space - You can never have too much prep or work surfaces in a kitchen and a console table can add that space. Depending on the height of the console and some seating, it could also serve as a breakfast bar.

10.) In a Hallway - Console tables are often narrow enough to be placed in a hallway and make a great spot for a collection of family photos either framed on top or on the wall above in a beautiful grouping.

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